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The soap factory of Youssefi has started the production of bath soap called Azarbyjan in 1908 in Tabriz. In 1913 by purchasing a few semi-automatic equipments from Germany and Italy the factory has extended its activity producing bath soaps with aroma and trade mark Three Stars which was very much appreciated and loved by the consumers in the country. Then the factory continued the production of cosmetic soaps with variety of colors named Azemayesh and Chaman and industrial liquid soaps. In 1986 this factory was succeed in producing transparent soaps with glycerin with trade mark Eje which was proved to be effective in preventing and treatment of some skin diseases. The management and all the staff of the factory hope that by support of kind costumers the factory will enable to produce high quality products and contribute in serving to advance the health and safety of the Iranian society.

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August 22, 2019

صابون Soap

منظور از پاک کننده‌ها ، موادی هستند که ذره‌های چربی و چرک را از پارچه‌ها و یا اجسا

August 22, 2019

نام عامیانه و علمی ترکیبات مهم شیمیایی

نام معمول نام شیمیایی 
نمک سود سدیم کربنات 
نمک سفره سدیم کلرید&nb

August 22, 2019

انتخاب پاک کننده مناسب صورت

آب فراوان ترین ودر دسترس ترین پاک کننده است . چربی ها در آب حل نمی شوند . لذا آب قادر به تمیز کردن چربی وروغن وآلودگی های چرب


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